Electronic transportation, which is one of the most work-intensive areas in the logistics industry, generally deals with the logistics of products such as electronic household goods. Accordingly, electronic transportation mainly focuses on delivering electronic goods from production locations or ports to target locations. Logistics which is an important step for electronic goods import and export which has an important volume in the international trade is executed by electronic transportation firms. Accordingly, the aim is to safely deliver the electronic goods to target locations by using options like maritime transportation and road logistics.

Since logistics processes of electronic goods or computers are generally at international level, it is important to use suitable infrastructures for these processes. For these electronic goods operated over international logistics networks, methods like integrated transportation can be used when needed.

Electronic Transportation Firms

Electronic transportation firms are organizations that facilitate supply chain process with high amount of shipping in one time with intense manufacturing volume. Electronic transportation firms that aim to complete electronic good shipping in fast and secure way focus on new generation technologies in their logistics processes. Especially vehicles and hardware to increase transportation safety are considered as critical criteria for electronic good shipping firms.

Electronic Appliance and Machinery Transportation

Electronic appliance and machinery transportation is classified as a logistics service preferred to deliver the products from production lines to sales regions. In addition to that, it might be preferred to delivered from electronic appliance store or retailer to end-user. When the fact that electronic appliances like white appliance are heavy is considered, using a professional team in the transportation process becomes important. Likewise, these firms use lifting equipment and similar hardware when loading or unloading at target locations.

Electronic Chip and Computer Material Logistics

Electronic chip and computer material transportation is a service highlighted for transporting especially hardware used in the information technologies sector. Since sensitive hardware such as microchips, motherboards, screen and case components will be transported in the transportation of computer parts, special equipment must be used. In addition to that, since most of the electronic chips or computer parts come from abroad, it won’t be wrong to say logistics methods like maritime transportation are commonly used.

Which Logistics Methods Are Used in Electronic Good Transportation?

Different logistics methods are used according to the number of products to be transported under electronic goods transportation or the length of the distance. For this transportation, road transportation is often preferred if the target destination is domestic. But for international transportation like import or export processes, methods like maritime transportation can be used. In addition to that, it won’t be wrong to choose integrated transportation methods when affordable or fast logistics methods are needed.

Electronic Goods Transportation Prices

It is not possible to give an exact price range for firms operating in electronic transportation field. Accordingly, electronic goods transportation prices vary based on structural properties, amount and transportation distance. Since distance directly impacts transportation price, it won’t be wrong to say there are different price options for international transportation. In addition to that, infrastructure and technologies that will be used by the logistics firms are among the factors that impacts the prices.




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