Metal sheet products which have a highly important position in the processed iron industry are transported under international transportation services logistically. Metal sheet transportation service that is offered by expert corporate firms like Universal Logistics require using different technologies and methods.

What Is Metal Sheet Transport?

Before answering to what is metal sheet transport, it is better to define the metal sheet material. Metal sheet is a construction material with iron as the raw material which is processed into a plate, layer or roll. Metal sheets are generally used in structure industries and these materials have a usage area in various industries as well.

Based on this information, metal sheet transport can be defined as the coordinating the process to transport this metal sheet material from manufacturing facilities to marketplaces or industrial zones. In general, it is a service offered by expert logistic firms in this field. It is highlighted as a high logistic traffic material at international level. At this point, metal sheet transport firms also offer options like customs clearance services. Method such as road transportation that can be used in metal sheet transport process can show difference depending on metal sheet types and metal sheet physical properties.

Metal Sheet Transport Prices

Metal sheet transport prices are determined according to the service quality and logistics methods during the logistics operation process. Accordingly, the main criteria that affect the price include the transport type for the operation. For example, pricing policies of methods such as maritime transportation can be different from road or airline transport methods.

Metal Sheet Transport Firms

As we have mentioned in previous articles, some logistics fields require certain expertise and equipment. Accordingly, metal sheet transport firms must use special methods for metal sheet transport which has different physical properties than standard freight transport. Especially in transportation process, suitable vehicle inventory should be used to load and carry metal sheets. Based on this information, it won’t be wrong to say that metal sheet transportation methods will be different from other transportation methods.

International Metal Sheet Transport Countries

Due to its central location, metal sheet transport from Turkey to various countries can be done. Especially, direct metal sheet transport to Balkan, Europe, Asia and Middle East countries from Turkey is possible due to good commercial relationships. However, to prevent any logistics-related procedural barriers, customs clearance services might be required. For international metal sheet transport countries, locations like Italy, Germany and France are highlighted with the top transport operations.

What Is Rolled Metal Sheet Transport?

Rolled metal sheet transportation is the logistics operations for rolled metal sheets for convenient shipping process. Rolled metal sheet transportation which requires special equipment and vehicles also need an expert team to ensure shipping safety.

Rolled Metal Sheet Transport Prices

Rolled metal sheet transport prices are similar to pricing policies in other freight logistic processes. In general, factors like the physical properties, volume and weight of the rolls are among the criteria that directly affect the pricing. Especially using special equipment like roll metal sheet transporting trailer and metal sheet lifting apparatus increase the price which shows the guarantee of service quality.

Rolled Metal Sheet Transport Firms

Rolled metal sheet transport is defined as a logistically challenging business process that requires special equipment. At this point, even the various large firms’ expert in the logistics field are not consistent to offer such challenging services. But firms like Universal Logistics with multi-directional perspective and suitable technology continue to create special solutions to meet the customer needs in rolled metal sheet transport field. What differentiates Universal Logistics metal sheet transportation services from the competitors is the affordable cost and efficiency-oriented service.

International Rolled Metal Sheet Transport Countries

When the manufacturing potential and foreign trade position is considered, it won’t be wrong to say Turkey is an extremely important player in the global area in logistic terms. Accordingly, it won’t be wrong to say there is international rolled metal sheet transportation from Turkey to various countries in Europe, Asia and Middle East due to its strategic location and strong relationships.

Metal Sheet Transport with Mulden Vehicle

Mulden vehicle or Mulden container is a new generation logistics vehicle with unique curved and comprehensive structure in the agricultural field. Mulden containers which are ideal vehicles specially to carry materials like metal sheet that has unique shapes is highlighted as the commonly preferred method by expert firms like Universal Logistics.

Metal Sheet Transportation with Mulden Vehicle Prices

Metal sheet transportation with Mulden vehicle prices also change depending on shipping content or shipping distance. Similarly, the transportation method like road or maritime are among the criteria that impact the prices.

Metal Sheet Transport with Mulden Vehicle Firms

Metal sheet transport with Mulden container firms is very rare. Even various well-known transport firms do not try other methods than traditional methods in metal sheet transport processes. Accordingly, as Universal Logistics, we offer quality metal sheet transport services with differentiated solutions like Mulden container.

Metal Sheet Transport with Mulden Vehicle Countries

As stated in the previous paragraph, there is no limitation for countries for metal sheet transport with mulden container due to the central location of Turkey. The most affordable prices are possible for metal sheet transport especially for countries in Europe, Asia or Middle East due to their close location to Turkey.


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