Middle East Transportation

Middle East that is geographically close to Turkey has a serious trade volume with our country due to cultural closeness and economic collaboration. The scope of this collaboration expands as there are visa-free transit options from the Middle East region to Turkey. In this case, the demand to logistics firms that directly transport to the region increases. Under the Middle East shipping processes, firm qualities, used methods and Middle East shipping prices attract attention.

Middle East Transport Companies

Although Middle East does not have advanced workforce like Europe, the countries in the region are classified as promising political structures. Accordingly, products exported from Turkey to the region plays an important role for the development of the countries in the region. In this case, Middle East shipping firms complete an important function for the trade potential in the region to better every day. Middle East transportation firms that use intermodal transportation or road transportation methods answer to the needs of various organizations that plan to ship to the region.

Service Alternatives Highlighted in Middle East Shipping Processes

While there are different services for more personal and individual shipping such as Middle East cargo shipping, there are also industrial logistics methods. These methods benefit to keep the cost and speed at optimum level if there is collective shipping. When these factors are considered, it is right to say that the preferred logistics methods will be a criterion directly effecting the process efficiency. The methods highlighted for Middle East shipping services can be listed as follows:

Middle East Container Freight Transportation

The most commonly preferred methods among transportation options for Arab country transportation is container freight transportation. There is a serious shipping volume from Turkey to emerging Middle East countries like Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon. Accordingly, it is right to say that Middle East container freight transportation service has high preference level.

Road Complete Transportation

Direct transportation methods are considered as ideal services for countries like Syria or Iraq that are our neighbors. Advanced road connections make this an idea option for those who want shipping to Middle East countries. In addition to that, complete road transportation is considered as a suitable option to transport raw materials or collective products to the region.

Middle East Hazardous Material Transportation

Petroleum in countries like Iran and Iraq highlight hazardous material transportation for this region. Services like petroleum or natural gas transportation also known as SRC5 certified transportation are the most commonly preferred logistics services in the Middle East. These processes that mainly use road transportation might also use road or intermodal transportation methods.

Middle East Cold Air Transportation

Another high demand logistics service in the region is Middle East cold air transportation. Cold air logistics which is commonly used in food products transportation requires high cost as it is done with specially designed vehicles. Likewise, cold air transportation methods are strategic logistics services to accelerate the comprehensive good trade between Turkey and Middle Eastern countries. In short, cold air transportation can be considered as an important international trade process with countries like Iraq and Egypt.




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