Hazardous material transportation is considered as a service that covers the logistics of raw materials, materials and components that are chemically hazardous and flammable between different locations. Accordingly, hazardous material transportation is a service that comprehensive technologies and high security levels are used during the transportation process. Under hazardous material transportation, using vehicles to increase the safety and taking necessary precautions are both legal and humanitarian obligation.

Hazardous Material Transportation Firms

Hazardous material transportation firms stand out as corporate structures operating in important metropolitan locations such as Istanbul. It won’t be wrong to say there are corporate structures highlighted with sectoral experience among Istanbul ADR transportation firms. In addition to all that, use of technologies to maximize the security procedures for transportation processes are common among these firms.

What Is ADR Transportation?

The answer to what is ADR transportation can be given as it is a logistics procedure where hazardous chemicals or inflammable materials are transportation via road transportation. ADR, which is a directive for structuring the transportation processes of goods that pose a danger to society and environmental health, the standards of which are determined by the European Union countries, determines the standards that logistics companies carrying out transportation of hazardous materials must follow. Accordingly, ADR transportation firms take the top-level safety precautions and maximize these precautions during hazardous material shipping process. This way a high-level safety net is created for public security and safety of the transported goods. At the same time, logistics processes under international commerce are conducted in more controlled and safer environment.

Flammable Material Transportation

One of the most challenging logistics operations for logistics firms is transportation of hazardous materials like flammable materials. Accordingly, procedures and certain organizations for flammable material transportation are strictly audited. Especially general security procedures must be encouraged for specific logistics services like flammable partial grouping and partial freight transportation. Firms that transport these hazardous materials consolidated the validity of the rules by limiting their initiatives to be flexible about the rules. At this point, it is right to say that flammable material logistics and transportation firms will show a more systematic attitude in hazardous material transportation.

SRC5 Certified Transportation

What Is SRC5 Certification and where is it uses? It is possible to give different answers to “what is SRC5?” question commonly asked by individuals who need services like hazardous material transportation. This document called ADR certificate is a legal document that the vehicles used for flammable material transportation are authorized to transport flammable or hazardous materials. Since this is a highly risky process, it won’t be wrong to say that documents like SRC5 certificate to transport flammable or hazardous materials is vital for the safety of the logistics services.

Flammable Material Transportation Prices

In general, flammable material transportation prices can vary depending on the qualities of the service, infrastructure, technology and vehicle types. Accordingly, it won’t be wrong to say there are lots of factors determining flammable material transportation prices. The existence of the procedures that will impact the quality and safety of the service will directly impact the service price. At this point, it can be said that those who want to have quality and safe logistics service need to pass their price sensitivity barrier to get hazardous material transportation services.



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