Professional Raw Material Transport

Raw materials that have an important position in the global economy forms a comprehensive logistics network with their supply chain. This logistic process especially considered under international transportation service plays an important role in import and export operations of countries. Raw material transportation that uses different methods together often includes road transportation or maritime transportation methods.

Raw material logistics that is divided to sub-branches like chemical and industrial transportation is considered as a highly comprehensive process executed with special vehicles. Since it is at global scale and includes challenging processes like hazardous material transportation (ADR), it is a healthier choice to use expert firms like Universal Logistics.

What Is Professional Raw Material Transport?

Professional raw material transportation is defined as the logistic shipping operation of freights used in industrial manufacturing process and different industries. Since there are different raw material types, the it won’t be wrong to say transportation operations will be classified based on different properties. Especially processes like construction material transportation will be out of gauge freight status, it won2t be wrong to say the used vehicles and methods needs to be selected specifically.

Which Raw Materials Are Transported?

In global industry and manufacturing ecosystem, it is possible to talk about hundreds of raw material types. But the most preferred options for international raw material transport are the materials with larger volume than other raw material types. At this point, chemical and industrial raw material transport are highlighted as the most preferred methods at international scale. In addition to all that, flammable and inflammable raw materials are transported with hazardous material transportation. Similarly, textile raw material shipping is commonly required logistics services for textile transportation.

Raw Material Transport Prices

In general, raw material transport prices change depending on the quality of the organized logistics operation. The type of the shipped raw materials, raw material tonnage or hazardous status directly impacts the price. In addition to that, the logistics method directly impacts the prices. For example, pricing for logistics of airline transportation will be different than other options.

Raw Material Transport Countries 

It won’t be wrong to say that Turkey that has a central location due to its strategic location has a strong logistics position. Accordingly, international shipping countries from Turkey are also the countries for hazardous material transportation. Especially European and Asian countries with close location are highlighted as the countries with the highest number of hazardous material logistic operations from Turkey. Similarly, customs clearance services from Turkey to these countries are often required to have a legal logistics traffic especially in hazardous material transportation.

Which Vehicles Are Used in Raw Material Transport?

Vehicles used in hazardous material transportation must have certain technical properties set by related laws. Vehicles are subjected to certain tests to ensure security and minimize the risks in the logistics operations such as flammable material transportation. Similarly, the logistics team working in such transportation operation should have certain security training and complete the necessary certifications.

Things to Consider in Raw Material Transport

As expressed in the paragraph above, there are lots of factors to consider in raw material transport. Among these, controlled vehicles are an important factor to consider for firms that do international raw material transportation. Additionally, there are serious procedures that logistics firms should follow in raw material transportation. At this point, raw material transportation firms should regularly complete the certification.

Raw Material Transport Firms

Raw material transportation is generally a different and challenging operation. Some mandatory certification and additional precautions make this operational load to be challenging. At this point, only some of the transportation firms in the international transportation sector can do raw material transportation. Multi-disciplinary logistics firms such as Universal Logistics can create quality solutions for processes that require attention like raw material transportation.


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