Alternative Solutions with Intermodal Transport

International transport has evolved a lot every day with increasing interaction between the countries and terms like intermodal transport entered to our life like many other transportation terms.

Transportation is conducted since the first ages in all periods first with caravanserais then with trucks, train and ships. Regardless of the goods, transportation methods are similar. The name and size change in similar activities over time has laid the ground to a different terminology for the transportation field. Accordingly, intermodal transport can be perceived as a different term. But almost everyone in the transport and shipping sector are familiar with this term. But what is intermodal transport?

Transportation is the name of the service that delivers a good or freight from a departure point to a destination point. Intermodal transport which is a sub-branch of transportation is transporting the goods and products with different shipping vehicles between departure and arrival locations. To express it differently, the transport is completed with at least two of the options such as road, maritime or rail transport. More clearly, if the goods or products loaded to a truck from the departure location are loaded to a ship from the truck at some point, this is called intermodal transport.

Why Intermodal Transport Is Preferred?

There are various methods in transportation. Freight or product is subjected to various practices from exit to entry unit. Each of these applications change the shipping duration and prices paid by the individuals for shipping. The main thing in this case is to find the affordable and fast transportation method.

To choose the fast and affordable transportation method, road, maritime and rail might not be successful on its own. Here, the distance between departure-arrival destination of the freight has the most important role. Also, when single transportation method cannot be used between departure-arrival location, intermodal transportation is inescapable.

When intermodal transport methods are used, price advantage is always highlighted. Moreover, in addition to price advantage, there is a huge advantage for both sellers and buyers since the waiting period will decrease.

How Is Intermodal Transport Done?

When you want to send a product or freight abroad with in transportation, you need to choose a transportation vehicle for product type. When making a selection, a research is made by considering price, service duration and delivery location. Here, there is a selection between railway, sea route or road options. Due to different factors like being unable to carry by ship or train alone, 2 or more transportation methods can be selected.  The most important thing to be considered in intermodal transportation is to deliver the freight loaded to a container or other vehicles not to be opened until delivery destination.

Differences Between Intermodal and Multimodal Transport

Since there are lots of international shipping methods, some methods are confused with each other. Intermodal and multimodal transport are the most confused methods. We can state the following if we look at the differences between these two transport methods. While freight transfer is not applied in intermodal transportation, the goods are transferred to another vehicle in multimodal system. While there is a contract for each transportation in intermodal methods, there is no need for this in multimodal system. There are multiple firms for transportation in intermodal method. There is single firm in multimodal system. While maritime, road and rail are options for intermodal transportation, all transportation methods can be used in multimodal.

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