Professional Metal and Steel Products Transport

Metal and steel transportation that has an important logistics volume in global economy and for international export processes is highlighted as a service provided by expert firms in shipping field like Universal Logistics. Metal transportation and steel transportation that are divided to sub-branches are challenging operations due to the physical properties of the transported materials. In international metal transportation where road transportation is commonly used, methods like maritime transportation can be used depending on the needs.

What Is Metal Transport?

The clearest answer to what is metal transportation can be “shipping metal products between two different locations with suitable shipping methods after logistics calculations.” In metal transportation processes that use complementary models like intermodal transportation, customs clearance services can also be used for international procedure compliance.

International Metal Transport Prices

In general, pricing policy changed based on preferred metal transport method. If an operation for international transportation service will be planned, the shipping location has an important effect on the price. In addition to that, the weight of the heavy metal product, physical properties and tonnage values are among the important criteria for pricing.

International Metal Transport Firms

Metal transportation is highlighted as a logistics service that requires using different approaches and vehicles. While maritime or road methods are commonly used in metal transportation processes, airline transportation is not common due to tonnage limitations. In addition to that, firms experienced in heavy freight transportation like Universal Logistics can do metal transportation.

International Metal Transport Countries

Due to central location of Turkey and industry-focused needs in the global market, various countries need metal as the raw material. Accordingly, it is possible to do metal transportation from Turkey to various countries due to the strategic location and pioneering firms in logistics in Turkey. It is possible to ship from Turkey to almost all countries with international shipping including European and Asian countries.

What Is Steel Transport?

Steel transportation which is considered in heavy freight transportation category is the transfer of processed steel material between different locations. Since there is out of gauge status transportation dynamics when the tonnage limits are exceeded, this shipping requires sensitive calculation.

International Steel Transport Prices

Just like out of gauge freight transportation, steel transportation prices are generally different based on freight weight and physical properties. The pricing for heavy metals like steel are directly calculated on tonnage. But other than the tonnage, the route and distance directly impact steel transportation prices.

International Steel Transport Firms

Various logistics firms like Universal Logistics are highlighted among international steel transportation firms with corporate structures that have technology and equipment. At this point, logistics firms that offer complementary solutions like heavy freight transportation and maritime transportation are careful about planning a customized service for customer needs.

International Steel Transport Countries

Europe and Asia with close land distance and the US, Canada and Britain with overseas transportation attract attention for international steel transportation from Turkey. Accordingly, after selecting the shipping location, solutions like customs clearance services are used to mine the details such as taxing and customs operations.


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