What is Lowbed Transportation, and Who Conducts It?

What is Lowbed Transportation, and Who Conducts It?

 Lowbed Transportation is one service provided by transportation companies performing heavy cargo transportation. The other name for lowbed transportation is outsize transportation. Answer to the question of “What is Out of Lowbed?” enables one to obtain more information about it. Semi-trailers, which enable transporting cargoes that have lengths, dimensions, widths or tonnages that exceed the standards as per the Domestic and International Regulations on Landway Transportation and that cannot be transported by normal camions or articulated lorries, are called lowbed. Lowbed, which is translated into Turkish as “alçak yatak”, is based on transporting heavy cargo using boxes connected to the rear of the vehicles that are called trailers. As during heavy cargo transportation, vehicles like construction machines, caterpillars and tanks disrupt road stabilization and as their speed levels are low, lowbed vehicles are used for transporting heavy cargoes.

Which Items are Transported by Lowbed Vehicles?

  • Crane materials,
  • Construction machines and caterpillars,
  • Boats and sailboats,
  • Wind tribunes,
  • Pipelines,
  • Bridging joists,
  • Steel cage constructions.
  • Heavy cargoes like wheeled cranes are amongst the primary items transported by lowbed transportation.

What are the Advantages of Lowbed Transportation?

Lowbed vehicles offer a variability of design that enables solving problems like height limit, load capacity, ease of loading-discharging and maneuvering. Lowbeds can be extended depending on the weight and dimensions of the cargo to be transported. Lowbed vehicles offer solutions like hydraulic sliding ramps that ease maneuvering capabilities. Cargoes having many tons of weight are flawlessly and rapidly transported by lowbed transportation. Lowbed transportation operations should be performed by experienced & professional transport companies that possess vehicles having different designs and capacities for all cargoes. During lowbed transportation, equipment on the vehicles is as much vital as that drivers possess information and knowledge on the country & road procedures and make correct analyses on geographical location.

Universal Lojistik has years’ long experience in heavy cargo transportation owing to its lowbed vehicles and the variety of its trailers. Universal Lojistik, which considers transportation not only as the conveyance of cargoes but as a whole with services like warehousing, security and logistic support, has made the majority of investment on its vehicles and the training of its personnel since 2004, when it was incorporated. As lowbed transportation requires special vehicles and experience, Universal Lojistik safely transports your cargoes to your desired destinations with its lowbed vehicles.

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