Professional Heavy Equipment and Machine Transport Firms

Professional heavy equipment transportation is the logistics model that systematically transports bulldozer, cylinder, demolition vehicles and similar heavy equipment which cannot be drive long distances. Different methods can be used to transport these heavy freights depending on heavy equipment types and weight. With advanced technology and vehicles of firms like Universal Logistics, the most effective methods are employed for these vehicles known as out of gauge freight transportation. Out of gauge term that has intense demand under international transportation services is the freight type that uses non-standard methods for transportation.

What Is Heavy Equipment and Machine Transport?

Heavy equipment and machinery transportation among heavy shipping models is defined as the logistics activities of high tonnage vehicles often used in the construction industry. This logistics model that often uses maritime transportation than road transportation requires extremely careful logistics calculations. In addition to that, this logistics process that divides into sub-branched can be planned differently for different equipment transportation such as machinery transportation.

Which Heavy Equipment and Machine Are Transported?

The heavy equipment and machinery for transportation might have different physical properties, tonnage and functions as expressed in the previous paragraphs. These vehicles that are often used in construction and building processes can be transportation under the following titles:

Dozer Transport

Dozers that are among the most commonly used heavy machine types in the construction sector are highlighted as multi-functional vehicles. Although they perform well in the terrain, dozers cannot travel easily due to their volume and physical properties. At this point, heavy equipment transportation methods are highlighted. Dozers are generally shipped via road transportation method. But countries with construction sector relationship and international shipping countries with Turkey can choose maritime transportation as well.

Crane Transport

Crane transportation that has technical details and sub-branches can be evaluated as processes that require detailed planning in logistics terms. Accordingly, advanced logistics methods must be used for cranes consisting of dismounted modular parts.

Forklift Transport

Forklifts are functional vehicles that are especially used in moving things and logistics processes. But the mobility of these vehicles to far locations is not easy. At this point, forklift transport operation should be planned with advanced logistics methods. It won’t be wrong to say that forklifts which are functional especially in ports, warehouses or airports are important for loading operations in the logistics procedures.

Grader Transport

Another heavy equipment that requires special planning for shipping due to out of gauge status is grader. Grader is highlighted as a multifunctional vehicle that looks like a tractor but used in construction or road construction processes. Grader with large volume requires out of gauge freight transportation for transportation.

Excavator Transport

Excavator which is another out of gauge freight is one of the hardest heavy equipment to transport. Excavators with parts with different physical properties can be dismounted during transportation. Accordingly, special equipment transport method can be used.

Heavy Equipment and Machine Transport Price

The pricing for heavy equipment and machinery transportation that requires different procedures and logistics methods is different as well. The price is set according to logistics methods and freight properties. Other than that, the transportation alternative is extremely important to set the price. However, since heavy equipment is in out of gauge status, airline transportation method is not preferred often.

Heavy Equipment and Machine Transport Countries

Both the strategic location of Turkey and important import moves in the construction sector turned Turkey into an important country for heavy equipment transportation. Accordingly, it won’t be wrong to say that heavy equipment and machinery transportation from Turkey to neighboring countries and various locations like Europe and Asia is done. In this sense, heavy machinery that will be shipped abroad should be planned with customs clearance services.

Which Vehicles Are Used in Transport?

Since these vehicles are technically out of gauge status, non-standard vehicles should be used in transportation processes. At this point, the heavy equipment shipping processes can be planned by creating a vehicle inventory special to the transportation project needs.

Heavy Equipment and Machine Transport Firms

Since heavy equipment transportation is technically a challenging logistics process, it is important for the firms that can manage this process to have special equipment and hardware. Especially firms like Universal Logistics focus on providing high-quality services in extreme services like out of gauge transportation with their expert team and technologies.

Heavy Equipment and Machine Transport Advantages

Organizing such transportation helps with overcoming various physical challenges as these vehicles are considered as heavy freight. Heavy machinery and equipment can be delivered with fast and effective methods since they cannot travel with traditional methods. It would be right to say that this type of out of gauge freight transportation can provide lots of advantages to construction industry firms when the economic and physical barriers in international transportation are considered.


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