When it comes to international transportation, the first thing that comes mind is usually the delivery of the products to the destination unit by ship, truck or plane. However, there is another type of service in international transportation called minivan / express transportation. You can choose us for this transportation method which is less known but more adventurous that other methods to ship products to your customers or business partners. What is minivan/express transportation service? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The main feature of the products sent by container, charter or truck in international transportation is that tonnage values are high. Minivan/express transportation can be preferred for lower tonnage goods among the transportation services that ship high tonnage goods as well. Express shipping which you can ship products with 1-1.5 tone is more advantageous and safer than air cargo. The most important advantage is that you will need to complete less documents. The main reason for the minivan transportation name comes from offering the cargo service with commercial minivan vehicles.

What Is Minivan/Express Transportation Process?

When you send your minivan/express transportation request to our firm, we sent a vehicle to your address after shipping planning. After the products are loaded on the vehicle and documents such as invoices are received, the transport adventure begins. The products delivered to our warehouse with the first vehicle start their journey to target destination in the shortest time. After checking documents, the products are exported when the customs clearance is completed. The shipping journey is completed when the products are delivered to the buyer at the specified date. All precautions are taken to avoid any problems during minivan/express transportation. We regularly apply test and controls to ensure the safety of our drivers and to safely deliver the products.

Minivan / Express Transportation Destinations

This transportation type called minivan/express is a different method of road transportation. In this sense, the destinations for this transportation are determined by whether there is any road link. A product from Turkey can be delivered to European or Middle Eastern countries with minivan/express transportation. While transportation with 24-hour delivery is provided for Balkan countries, transportation to farther European countries like France, Italy and Germany takes 48 hours. Since two drivers move forward without stopping, speed and safety are achieved.

Why Does Minivan/Express Transportation Have More Advantages?

Individuals and firms that prefer minivan transportation express higher satisfaction. Why is this transportation have more advantages?

  • The waiting period in minivan transportation is almost zero. This is why your products are delivered to the target destination in the shortest time.

  • There are no barriers to almost all destinations in Europe with an extensive vehicle portfolio.

  • In addition to fast shopping, affordable shipping cost causes individuals to choose minivan/express transportation.

  • Since minivan vehicles are used in the entire shipping process, the goods are not transferred between vehicles. The goods reach to destination with at most 1 transfer.

Choose Minivan/Express Transportation with Ease!

We are your biggest supporter with our services that end the transportation problems during import and export operations. Our firm with long years of experience in the international transportation sector aims to add value to you. We identify all possible problems in the shipping processes beforehand and take the service standard to the top with successful collaboration and warm staff.

You can contact us know for your transportation request as our firms creates wonders in minivan/express transportation. Our team waiting to help you at any moment determines the most suitable vehicle and plans the transportation. Our team that prioritizes the customer satisfaction always considers your needs.




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