Furniture Transportation from Turkey to Abroad

International furniture transportation is a challenging process both for shipping distance and the safety of transported furniture. At this point, it won’t be wrong to say the vehicles and methods for furniture transportation abroad should be done carefully. Abroad transportation which is different in many senses from domestic one requires expert team and special vehicles. Insurance and security precautions might be necessary for safe shipping in furniture transportation.

Important Note: A separately authorization document is necessary to transportation used furniture from abroad. Universal Logistics transports new furniture like decoration materials for home and office, furniture, chandelier, kitchenware, kitchen cabinet, kitchen countertop marble, parquet, room door, ceramic, television in unused conditions. Additionally, new and unused glassware, dowry items, pizza box, packaging, napkin holder, plate, bowl, hairdresser furniture, cafe furniture can be transported by Universal Logistics

Which Type of Shipping Should Be Used for Furniture Transportation Abroad?

When sending furniture from abroad, road transportation is commonly used. Since furniture are often loaded to trucks or lorries, other international shipping methods than road transportation are not preferred unless there is a special case. But depending on the target location and qualities of the furniture, different transportation methods can be used. Especially for furniture transportation abroad to an overseas location, maritime transportation can also be preferred.

In addition to all that, airline transportation can be used if shipping will be done for a long distance. Since airline transportation is a fast and effective method, it is an ideal method for those who want overseas furniture transportation. Likewise, intermodal transportation activities can be used that uses multiple logistics methods for fast transportation operations. Since airline, road and maritime methods are used together in these activities, the shipping period can be shorter.

How to Choose the Right Firm for International Transportation?

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a firm for international logistics processes. The priority among them is the firm to have a corporate structure, expert team and a large network. Since moving house abroad is a more personal operation that the corporate aspects, there might be different sensitive things. For example, the technologies used by the firm and the safety precautions for the shipping are extremely critical. For example, the additional safety precautions to ensure moving safety is an extremely critical in firm selection.

How Is International Furniture Transport Price Determined?

It is possible to talk about various factors to consider in international furniture transport processes. Accordingly, the furniture quality and the locations are among the criteria that directly impact the furniture transportation prices. Other than that, the selected international shipping methods also impacts the price. Since different transportation models can be considered for furniture transportation, different pricing can be applied for airline, road, maritime or intermodal transportation. Location factor is also important for pricing. Especially for shipping to European countries like France shipping and Germany shipping, the price is determined depending on route distance and transit access of the region.

How Is Sensitive Furniture Like Antiques Are Transported Abroad?

In abroad furniture transportation processes, it is possible to have different procedures for shipping of valuable goods like antiques and jewelry. If the freights can be insured, insurance will increase the security. But in some cases, valuable and rare freight insurance like antiques can be challenging. This is why working with a professional expert firm in freight transportation like antique and jewelry which are considered as valuable freight transportation is important for security reasons.


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