When entering to the sector, Universal Logistics performed extraordinary vehicle investments for the sake of being permanent in the sector and configured all vehicles with inflammable and explosive installations in order to be able to provide distinct services and aimed to offer the mentality of licensed and more reliable transportation for the raw material products used by all industries in production activities.


Our company is currently engaged with shipment and organization activities primarily at Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, England, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkish Republics ( CAS ), Iraq and Northern Cyprus by creating difference in service through coil liners suitable for transporting steel rolls and Lowbet vehicles in order to provide special services for the brands considered as leaders of the automotive sector, which are scarcely available in the portfolio of the logistics firms both in Europe and in Turkey.



Our transportation activities are planned as complete and partial shipments through our suspended, inflammable (ADR), cold storage vehicles and also out-of-gauge load and project shipments are performed with our experienced personnel.

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