HERMES GLOBAL LOGISTICS, one of the affiliates of Universal Logistics, took its place in the sector by taking the first steps into the warehousing services at the beginning of year 2010 with experienced and specialized personnel available at the customs offices of the Turkish Republic in Istanbul European and Asian sides. The company set off with an expert staff elected from educated, experienced and professional individuals with long-term work experience in the management and warehousing sectors.

Particularly as regards the personnel employed for warehouse management, the company aims to achieve a corporate identity that aims to provide services in the best manner available through employment of personnel who worked at various positions of the logistics sector and has knowledge on any and all kinds of warehousing activities, organizations and operations.

HERMES GLOBAL LOGISTICS offers successful solutions in the retail sector by virtue of the advanced infrastructure and variety in the integrated logistic services offered.

HERMES GLOBAL LOGISTICS provides cost advantages for its customers and generate efficient logistics services from a single stop in the retail sector, where costs for logistics services represent one of the most important elements as regards competition.

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