Our company has adopted the policies set forth below as a close follower of ISO 9001 Quality standards and aims to implement the same in the most effective manner available.

* Preserve and improve reputation and dignity of the company.

* Monitor technological and scientific advancements.

* Maintain control on quality levels of the suppliers; ensure participation to the team work through audits on such supplier firms.

* Adopt as company’s quality principle that accurate, efficient and profitable ideas emerge from knowledgeable, experienced brain power.

* Prioritize health and safety of the employees; conduct operations in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations for all works executed.

* Be beneficial to the country; develop continuously and become a worldwide recognized company well-known in the international arena.

* Adopt precautions that would minimize the impact on the environment during planning and execution stages of the work; create an effective environmental consciousness, thus become a model company for leaving a more habitable world for the future generations.


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