What is Out of Gauge Transportation, and Who Conducts It?

What is Out of Gauge Transportation, and Who Conducts It?

What is Out of Gauge Transportation, and Who Conducts It?

What is Out of Gauge Transportation, and Who Conducts It?

During Out of Gauge Transportation, heavy cargoes that are not possible to carry via standard transportation methods are carried using special vehicles and equipment under the supervision of an expert team. During Out of Gauge Transportation, planning is made according to the tonnages, weights and transportation methods for the cargoes. Special equipment is required if shipping cargoes is not possible via containers and normal articulated lorries. As the success of out of gauge transportation service depends on the selection of equipment and the expertise of the persons conducting shipment, this type of transportation should be performed by professional shipment companies that perform heavy cargo carriage. Out of Gauge transportation also covers the commercial transportation works of companies that operate in different sectors like cereals, iron/steel and scraps.

What are the Tools Used in Out of Gauge Transportation?

The tools and equipment are determined for the transportation operation after calculating the cargo tonnage. Such tools include the following:

  • Lowbed trailer,
  • Flatrack /opentop container,
  • As Chartering (vessel leasing), it differs for land ways and maritime lines.

What is the Scope of Out of Gauge Transportation?

  • Planning of equipment,
  • Determining the itineraries for the project,
  • Performing customs clearance and insurance operations,
  • Making the crane organization,
  • Loading and discharging operations,
  • Obtaining overseas passage permits,
  • Preparing daily and weekly schedules and sharing them with the customers.

What are the Particularities of the Companies that Perform Out of Gauge Transportation?

Out of Gauge transportation, which handles heavy cargoes, cannot be performed by the standard vehicles of normal shipment companies. The first particularity of the out of gauge transportation companies is that they possess vehicles and equipment suitable to heavy cargoes for different itineraries like land ways and maritime lines. For out of gauge transportation operations, which are mainly conducted to overseas, it is quite vital that the company personnel know the country procedures and correctly perform road analyses.

The companies, which are certificated for quality standards and which perform out of gauge transportation accordingly, should inform the customers as much about the costs they calculate pursuant to their planning on itinerary and equipment as about the time required for the cargo to reach the desired point.

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