What Is International Express Transportation?

What Is International Express Transportation?

What Is International Express Transportation?

Terminologically, express means faster than standard and faster process. Express transportation is highlighted as a method that aims to deliver the goods faster than the planned delivery date to the target locations by using non-standard methods. In express transportation is considered as a logistics approach that enables fast delivery of the goods and products to a different country. International express transportation that is offered by expert shipping firms like Universal Logistics is only possible by using the most innovative vehicles and technologies. Other than that, express transportation with minivan which is an approach preferred for short distances is among the methods to decrease the delivery time.

What Are the Advantages of International Express Transportation?

In modern economies, speed and timing are the most important criteria for efficiency. Therefore, completing a task faster than it should be creates value. This golden rule which is valid for international express transportation processes is the key to deliver the goods and services to the target location in the fastest way possible.

Based on this information, one of the most important advantages of international express transportation is applying standard procedures at jet speed. Factors that slow down the traditional international trade such as customs clearance are accelerated with comprehensive customs consultancy applications. With that, methods that are specially developed and used for the existing scenario enables logistics planning without the restriction of a single route. This way logistic calculations for optimum route for the fast delivery minimizes the delivery time by integrated use of multiple transportation models. This method called intermodal transportation is based on using models like maritime, airline and road transportation together.

Which Countries Is Express Transportation Possible from Turkey?

As we have expressed in our previous articles, Turkey is at the intersection of Europe, Middle East and Asia with its strategic location. Accordingly, it won’t be wrong to say that Turkey has a high logistics potential. Other than that, since the country is surrounded by sea from 3 sides, Turkey has an important potential for maritime transportation and express transportation from Turkey to various countries is possible.

Germany shipping which has a strong commercial relationship with Turkey is highlighted for transportation. Other than Germany, France shipping has an important volume for logistic traffic of Turkey.

Which Freight Can Be Transported in International Express Transport?

It is possible to talk about different freight for international express transport. Accordingly, the methods and tools for freight classification can be different. For example, international minivan transport is frequently preferred for low tonnage freight shipment. In addition to all that, intermodal transportation method can be used to minimize the shipping time for high tonnage freight by doing the necessary logistic calculations. It is possible to transport various freights such as heavy freight, hazardous substances, medical and health products with international express transport supported with intermodal method 

Which Vehicles Are Used in International Express Transport?

In international express transport, especially minivan vehicles are commonly used for short-distance and low-tonnage cargo. Other than that, airline transportation is preferred as an ideal method for long distance low tonnage shipping. Also, it is possible to use various vehicles in express transportation depending on the need and qualities of the freight.

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