What Is Maritime Transportation?

What Is Maritime Transportation?

What Is Maritime Transportation?

Maritime transportation, a rooted logistics method that has been used since the ancient ages in the international trade has changed a lot today even though it is an ancient method. Especially factors such as the differentiation in used vehicles and technologies and production at international level enabled maritime transportation to exist as a highly important method. derimMaritime transport which enables transporting high number of products, heavy freight and hazardous substances fast and securely between long distance overseas locations is highlighted as the most commonly preferred method in international transportation. This method also called as sea transport is considered as a diverse, functional and cost-efficient method. Experts’ companies in international maritime transportation such as Universal Logistic use the latest technologies and approaches.

What Are Maritime Transportation Types?

There are various types and approaches under maritime transportation. It is possible to talk about different maritime transportation types depending on the quality of the product, destination distance or the used technologies. If we look at them in a more detailed list, it is possible to list the maritime transportation companies as follows:

Tramp Maritime Transportation

As the name suggests, tramp maritime transportation is an operation planned spontaneously depending on the destination of the transported freight. Instead of constant and fixed routes, routes can be different since there is project-based shipment. Depending on the shipment fee which is called freight charges, companies can ship to any countries on any routes. At this point, “what is freight charge” question can be answered as the “fee paid by senders especially for maritime transportation to maritime transportation firms to use their ships”. 

Layner Maritime Transportation

Layner type maritime container transport requires regular and planned routes. Layner type transportation is used especially for transatlantic shipments such as Brazil shipment where ship traffic has certain routes.

Hazardous Material Transportation

Hazardous material transport which mainly focuses on the logistics of flammable materials like petroleum is highlighted as a method commonly used in maritime transportation. In maritime transportation which is a highly safe method to transport the flammable materials at long distance, expert firms like Universal Logistic are preferred.

Container Transport

Ship container transport is one of the most commonly preferred methods for maritime logistics. Container transport which enables transporting high number of goods over a long distance in a fast and affordable way is among the most commonly preferred method in international commerce. In case of overseas shipping especially for America shipping, this method is considered to be a good option.

What Are the Advantages of Maritime Transportation?

Maritime transport properties include various factors such as cost-focus, speed and security. At this point, maritime transportation firms use the latest technological methods to ensure quality during shipment processed. By using these technologies, maritime transportation enables senders a fast shipment even to transoceanic locations. Just like shipping with frequent shipping from Turkey, it is also used for international maritime transportation, Australia shipping.

Which Countries Is Maritime Transportation Possible from Turkey?

Our countries surrounded by seas on three sides has a highly ideal location for maritime transportation and ship transportation. Accordingly, it won’t be wrong to say maritime transportation has a high volume in export and important processes in Turkey. Maritime transport countries from Turkey include overseas countries such as Canada, the US and Australia.

Which Freight Can Be Transported with Maritime Transportation?

As mentioned above, logistics is possible to send various products with maritime transportation. Maritime transport can be an option especially for flammable material shipment which requires high security precautions during shipment. In addition to that, maritime transportation is preferred for heavy freight, parcel transport as well as raw materials for industrial manufacturing and resource transport processes.

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