What Is Airline Transport?

What Is Airline Transport?

What Is Airline Transport?

Airline transport which is the fastest method in modern transportation is a logistics branch operated with cargo planes. Airline transportation that especially enables fast cargo shipping between long distances have different types and methods. Airline transportation types that are often determined according to transported good properties or shipping distance might have different logistics needs. Transporter firms like Universal Logistics with interdisciplinary models adopt the most effective solutions under airline transportation and offer services for different scenarios.

What Are Airline Transport Types?

Airline transportation which is a highly comprehensive logistics discipline is highlighted as a different branch from other methods. Accordingly, airline transportation types are determined for freight quality, target location and budget. But to make a general comparison, it is not wrong to say that airline transportation is faster but more expensive than road or maritime transportation. Similarly, the goods planned for dispatch should not be too heavy in terms of tonnage. Based on this information, it is possible to talk about project transportation, transit loading transportation, plane cargo transportation, goods and valuable document transportation under airline transportation. Different methods can be preferred for different freight types for **countries with international shipping**.

What Are the Advantages of Airline Transport?

Airline transportation is differentiated from other logistics methods due to both techniques and methods and efficiency. Airline transportation, which has the advantage to dispatch the cargo rapidly can deliver the goods to the target location within hours when different methods are used. In addition to all that, another important advantage of airline transportation is the easy access to overseas locations.

Fast shipping to overseas locations like the US, Canada and Australia are possible. Especially urgent cargo in the US shipping processes can be delivered just in 1-2 days. Similar things are valid for Australia shipping which is located far from our country.

Which Countries Is Airline Transport Possible from Turkey?

Our country surrounded by the sea from three sides and connects Europe and Asia with strong connection roads has an important and strategic location in terms of international air traffic. Accordingly, Turkey has airline firms that can access all around the world under airline logistics.

The most common location for shipment with airline transport from Turkey is Europe. Other than Europe, overseas locations such as the US, Brazil or Australia can be listed as countries for shipping. Airline transportation is commonly preferred for Canada shipping which has good commercial relationships with Turkey.

Which Freight Can Be Transported with Airline Transportation?

Although airline transportation is faster than other logistics methods, it won’t be wrong to say there are certain limitations due to the weight and qualities of the freight. In this sense, it is possible to transport urgent goods that do not have high tonnage values with airline transportation. Urgent freight such as medicine and medical products can be completed with these operations. Other than that, multiple freights of different senders can be gather under partial transportation for international shipping.


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