What Is Cold Chain Transportation?

What Is Cold Chain Transportation?

What Is Cold Chain Transportation?

Logistics and transportation sector is highlighted as an industry powered by different technologies and approaches. Beyond road or maritime transportation, the sector focuses on facilitating raw material and product distribution by including technology. At this point, methods that focus on innovative technology and vehicle use such as cold chain systems are commonly preferred. Especially firms like Universal Logistics priorities effective logistics process management with new generation logistics methods such as cold chain transportation.

What Is Cold Chain?

Cold chain transportation which is especially used in medicine and food logistics is highlighted as one of the modern logistics methods. At this point, what is cold chain question can be answered as “keeping the optimum temperature value for temperature-sensitive food products in the entire processes from manufacturing to logistics. Based on this information, cold chain transportation can be defined as the logistics operation of medicine, vaccine and food materials by using advanced vehicles that has cooling systems. This method especially preferred in road transportation is also commonly preferred for logistics methods like maritime and airline.

What Is Cold Chain Logistics?

When all of these are considered, cold chain logistics is one of the most functional logistics methods used in the food sector which is an important part of the global economy. When we consider the large volume of food material in the international trade processes, cold chain approach enables dispatching sensitive food products to longer distances. Cold chain vehicles which can be integrated to all transportation systems are especially used in road, maritime and airline transportation methods.

Importance of Cold Chain Transportation

Materials like food, vaccine and medicine are highly sensitive against heat. Serious damages can occur if necessary, temperature conditions are not met and logistics precautions are not taken. At this point, the importance of cold chain transportation is important to safely deliver the products to marketplaces. Distributed cities and population can easily access to vital food materials regardless of their distance from the production centers. Based on this information, it will be right to say that cold chain logistics methods are not only affordable but also important in terms of accessing the resources.

Cold Chain Medicine Transportation

Medicines are the most commonly transported products with cold chain method. Since medicine and vaccines contain chemical content, temperature factor should be considered in the transportation process. At this point, cold chain medicine transportation methods enable shipping safely under optimum temperature. Cold chain vaccine transportation is a must to safely supply vaccines which are the critical products for the public health. German shipping processes commonly use cold chain method as the country has important medicine production.

Cold Chain Food Transportation

Food materials subjected to instant temperature changes in logistics processes might experience serious damages. At this point, cold chain food transportation enables safer shipping of food products which are sensitive against temperature factor. When food production is considered, this method is commonly used in France shipping processes. Other than that, this method is common for Italy shipping and export processes which is one of the important food export countries in Europe.

Cold Chain Transportation Firms

Cold chain transportation firms have the structure to create different solutions for their international logistics processes experience and technology use. Universal Logistics which is an experienced firm in this field is an organization that uses high-tech cold chain vehicles and new generation methods such as unimodal transportation. Universal Logistics that operates at international level is highlighted as an expert brand in food, vaccine and medicine transportation by answering the needs with the highest quality technologies. Universal Logistics that uses the newest vehicles and technologies in cold chain cargo operates with a business model that focuses on efficiency in all logistics processes.


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