What Is Partial Transport?

What Is Partial Transport?

What Is Partial Transport?

Logistics industry which is an important sector for the global economy uses innovative and creative methods to channelize huge level shipping traffic. Even the traditional logistics approaches like road transportation uses different methods to increase the shipping quality and decrease the costs. Especially methods like partial transportation facilitates collective shipping processes and enables firms to minimize the costs.

What Is Partial?

Partial term which is commonly used in the logistics sector is defined as a shipping method that focuses on sending the goods and products by dividing them into parts. Partial transportation is a method based on using one vehicle by different senders that ship to the same destination instead of using multiple vehicles. This way senders can share the cost of a single vehicle which is hard to fill by one firm and aims to decrease the shipping costs. Partial cargo which is commonly used in maritime transportation is preferred both in domestic and international shipping.

International partial transportation is highlighted as an approach preferred by firms that ship overseas. Firms that have France and Germany shipping benefit from the advantages of this method to decrease the costs. Partial freight shipping is organized with airline transportation for countries that are far to reach by road. Accordingly, partial transportation firms like Universal Logistics offers solutions to customers to increase efficiency with different methods.

How Is Partial Transport Done?

In partial transportation, a detailed freight calculation is completed for transported goods and products to place them in optimum way. In this method, cost is divided according to freight volume and weight since there are multiple senders for a single container. With the detailed calculations tools, both the freight and cost are divided and the payment balance between the senders is achieved. Thus, partial transportation method facilitates the shipping process for senders both for technical and cost procedures.

Countries for Partial Transport

When the intense international goods and products shipment is considered, it won’t be wrong to say that partial transportation methods are commonly preferred at global scale. Due to the strategic position of our country between Europe and Asia, international partial transportation plays an important role to send the goods to other countries. Europe, Middle East, Caucasus, Central Asia, Asia and other overseas countries are among the countries for partial transportation from Turkey.

At this point, the highest partial transportation from Turkey is done to locations like Germany, France and Holland. Europe partial transportation is one of the most commonly preferred service for shipping from Turkey to abroad. France partial services are used for European route for France shipping. Holland partial is mostly done on North Europe road or with maritime transportation.

Italy partial transportation which is a popular shipping destination from Turkey is completed both on East Mediterranean maritime routes and important roads of the Eastern Europe. At this point, Italy shipping processes which have strong logistics connection with Turkey can be completed fast and cost-effectively.

Partial Transport Firms

International logistics processes are generally completed by shipowner firms with necessary vehicles, equipment and technologies for the transportation industry. Especially international freight transportation expert firms like Universal Logistics complete all the necessary procedures for partial freight shipping processes. It is important for shipowner firms to use suitable technology and tools professionally to match the transportations rules for partial transportation processes with highly comprehensive and technical logistics calculations.


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