What Is Road Transportation?

What Is Road Transportation?

What Is Road Transportation?

Road transportation which is the oldest and most rooted methods in logistics applications has guided the development of civilizations since the ancient ages. This transportation method that especially uses road connections and vehicles have changed dimension with the current technologies and became one of the most commonly used methods in the international shipping ecosystem. It is possible to talk about different logistics types and methods under road transportation.

Different methods are highlighted depending on shipment distance, freight content and even the types of vehicles. Since each method has different advantages and opportunities, the usage areas for these methods can be listed clearly. Expert firms in international transportation like Universal Logistics identify the optimum route depending on the customer needs in road transportation and effectively manage the shipping processes.

What Are Road Transportation Types?

As expressed above, there are different road transportation types depending on shipping distance, geographical properties of the location and the qualities of the shipped goods. Minivan express transportation which is one of the high-quality solutions among them is transporting the low weight products to target locations in a fast way by using minivan vehicles. Minivan express transportation is preferred both for domestic and international shipping processes. The most important advantage of this method is to deliver the low tonnage products to the target location in the fastest way possible.

In addition to all that, another common method in international commerce processes is road truck transportation. This method is an ideal method for sending higher tonnage products compared to minivan express transport. This method is especially preferred for countries with international transportation such as Germany transport. Similarly, road logistics are commonly used for goods and furniture transportation.

What Are the Advantages of Road Transportation?

In general, road transportation logistics branch has a complimentary position for all other methods. To give an example, goods shipped by using sea routes need road transportation methods to be delivered to the target locations from the ports. At this point, it won’t be wrong to say road transportation brings a lot of advantages. It enables fast delivery of high amount of goods and products in a short distance. In addition to that, methods like intermodal transportation have a complimentary role for the next steps of the operations at strategic locations like port and airport. Such integrated approaches are commonly preferred especially for France shipping.

Which Countries Is Road Transportation Possible from Turkey?

Turkey is close to various locations including Europe, Asia and Middle East due to its strategic location. With road connection and large ports, Turkey is a central and strategic hub for international logistics activities. Based on this information, road transportation from Turkey is possible to lots of countries. There are direct transit shipping opportunities from Turkey to economically strong European countries especially to Germany, France and Italy.

Which Vehicles Are Used in Road Transportation?

Since road transportation used transit options, it won’t be wrong to say that vehicles like trucks and minivans are used. The vehicles are often selected based on the qualities and volume of the goods. For example, while trucks are preferred for high volume and tonnage goods, minivan can be used for lower tonnage. In addition to that, shipowner firms consider the used vehicles and methods when determining road transportation prices. At this point, road freight charges are important criteria for transportation pricing.

Which Freight Can Be Transported with Road Transportation?

Almost all freight can be transported with road transportation. Especially under heavy freight transportation, long distance international logistics activities often use road. Other than that, road transportation is used for furniture transportation, shipping and delivery. In addition to that, partial transportation activities which are also called container transportation can be planned with these methods. Based on this information, it is right to say that road transportation is suitable for various freights since multi-dimensional technologies and new generation vehicles are used in planned logistics operations.


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